Company Overview


Type: e-Commerce on Fashion

Investment Highlights

1. Investment Requirement: 20 LAC BDT

2. Minimum Investment Opportunity: 3.5 LAC BDT

3. Use of Funds: Investment required for Cost of Goods

4. Cash Rolling Period: 45 Days

5. Gross Profit Margin: 40%

Return on Investment (ROI)

6. ROI Projection: 20% Yearly

7. Profit Sharing: Every 6 Months

8. Minimum Investment Time: 2 Years

 Why Invest in

- Rising e-Commerce Trend:** The fashion e-commerce market is booming, and is positioned to capture a significant share.

- Proven Business Model:** has a solid track record of growth and profitability.

- Efficient Cost Management:** The investment will be strategically utilized to optimize the cost of goods, ensuring a healthy profit margin.

- Fast Cash Rolling:** With a cash rolling period of 45 days, investors can expect quick returns.

- Stable Returns:** A projected 20% yearly ROI offers investors a lucrative opportunity for stable and consistent returns.

Financial Projections

- **Year 1:** 15%
- **Year 2:** 20%
- **Year 3:** 25%

Investment Terms

- Minimum Investment Period: 2 Years
- Profit Distribution: Bi-annual

Contact Information

For more details and to explore this investment opportunity, please contact: Mr. Mazharul Islam on whatsapp +8801600300897