About LeisFita

Our passion is creating  exceptional fashion collection

LeisFita is made of highly creative hard working individuals, who strive to bring the best for Bangladesh.


2012: Humble Beginning
It was a humble beginning, Tanzia & Arnob came up with a name LeisFita, which means a door to door salesman, who we remembered fondly from our childhood. They wanted to bring world's best designer's jewelry, shoes, bags, clothing, etc. in one place. They started with few designs which instantly created a massive response in the market.

2015: Exploring Global Designs
LeisFita endeavored foreign partnerships to bring unique items to the country. Currently, we have partnered with China, Turkey, and Bosnia

2016: We listen to our customers
Based on customer needs and latest fashion trends, we now customize jewelry. With highly skilled jewelry designers, we can design and handcraft beautiful custom pieces of art.