About LeisFita


Humble Beginnings

In October 2012, the founders of LeisFita had a vision to bring the world's best designer jewelry, shoes, bags, and clothing together in a single, curated collection. They decided to name this emerging brand "LeisFita," drawing inspiration from Bangladesh's rich culture and their own childhood memories. With only a few initial designs, LeisFita made an instant splash in the online fashion scene. From the very beginning, the LeisFita team was dedicated to providing the best designs for its valued clients.


Exploring Global Designs

In 2015, LeisFita began forging foreign partnerships to bring unique
fashion items to its customers. These partnerships extended the brand's reach
and access to distinctive designs. Currently, LeisFita has established
partnerships with China, Turkey, Ukraine, and Bosnia & Herzegovina, further
enriching its collection with global influences.


Four-Leaf Clover

The year 2017 marked a significant turning point for LeisFita. It transitioned
from being solely a jewelry brand to becoming a global fashion phenomenon. The
brand's unique and high-quality offerings had captured the attention of fashion
enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying its place in the industry.


Expanding Customer Base and International Partnerships

By 2019, LeisFita had served over 10,000 customers, a testament to its growing
popularity and reputation for providing exceptional fashion products. The
company also continued to strengthen its partnerships with international
designers and jewelers, further diversifying its offerings and ensuring the
delivery of high-quality products to its clientele. Visiting China and forging
new partnerships expanded LeisFita's reach and access to international trends.


Adapting to Challenges and Business Growth

The year 2020 posed unique challenges for businesses worldwide due to the
COVID-19 pandemic. LeisFita experienced some initial setbacks in sales as the
pandemic disrupted global supply chains and consumer behavior. However, the
company adapted by introducing new product categories, including imitations and
gold jewelry, to meet changing customer preferences. This adaptability allowed
LeisFita to continue growing its business


2023: Resilience and Diversification

In 2023, LeisFita has made a strong comeback, demonstrating its resilience and
commitment to providing top-notch fashion products. The brand has expanded its
offerings to include "Made in Bangladesh" jewelry, showcasing a
dedication to supporting local artisans and promoting their craftsmanship on a
global stage. Additionally, LeisFita has likely introduced even more categories
to its collection, staying on the cutting edge of fashion trends and continuing
to enhance and complement its customers' styles.