In our journey for the last 5 years, we have encountered several queries and questions. We have put together all of them here as a quick reply for all our customers. If you have anything in mind and don’t find it here, just give us a buzz at info@leisfita.com

Category: General questions



1. How long does it take to deliver the product?

- It takes 25-35 days for us to deliver your desired products. In most cases, we complete it within 25 work days. But sometimes bad weather or some other unavoidable circumstances may force us to deliver it lately. So, we seek 25-35 days’ patience from you. If any items are in stock we will take 48 to 72 hours to deliver them within Bangladesh.

2. Why does it take this long?

- All of our Pearl & Semi-Precious Stone Collection are handmade. We do not keep any stock. Once we get an order, we forward it to our Team in specific countries such as Bangladesh, China, Bosnia, and Ukraine to make the product for our customers which takes 25-35 days to arrive.

3. What are the delivery methods?

- We use 3rd party courier services to send the product to you. Generally, we offer a home delivery service in Dhaka. But outside Dhaka, you have to collect them from a third-party courier service branch office near you. We normally use the service of Sundarban Courier Service and SA Paribahan. For international shipping, we use local Post Office Service for free shipping and DHL for express shipping. To know more about our Shipping Policy, go to https://leisfita.com/shipping-policy


4. Do you have any delivery charges?

- Yes, we do. The delivery charge for places inside Dhaka is 80tk. Outside Dhaka, the flat rate of delivery is 100tk. But if you order products worth more than 3000tk, there will be NO DELIVERY CHARGE. For shipping details go to: https://leisfita.com/shipping-policy


5. Can I get my product delivered to my home?

- Our delivery man will find your address to deliver the product inside Dhaka. But outside Dhaka, you have to collect the product from third-party courier service branch offices.



1. What is the return policy of the product?

-You can always return the product within 3 days of delivery if the product is unused and no external harm has been done upon receiving. For details about return and refund, please visit: https://leisfita.com/pages/return-refund-policy


2. What if the product is wrong/expired/dissatisfactory?

- We always want our customer’s satisfaction. So, we take this kind of case very seriously. We take care of every case individually.

If the product is delivered to your place, then please make a complaint to the delivery man. If not delivered at your place, we request you to take a picture of the product and send a mail to dispute@leisfita.com. Also within 3 days, please send the product through courier services to our head office on Floor 5th, 34 Green Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh. Our inspection team will check your product and we’ll send you the solution as soon as possible.

3. Is there any refund policy?

- Yes, there is. We will return the FULL MONEY to you if you return the product according to the return policy of Leisfita.com.

4. What documents do I have to provide in order to get a return?

- You just need to take pictures of the product, send them by mail with the proof of purchase i.e. purchase receipt, and send the product to our office via a courier service.



1. How do I place an order with your online store?

- First, click on your ‘desired product’. Then, click on the ‘add to cart' option. Once you’ve done that, it will be added to your cart. Now you have to go to your cart, which is on the upper right corner of the page, click on the cart, and then click ‘check out’. Then you’ll be taken to a place where you need to give some necessary information along with your payment information. Give that and click ‘done’ and your order will be placed.

2. Can I place an order through your Facebook page?

- Yes, you can. To place an order through our Facebook page, please inbox us with your product code, phone number, email address and your address. One of the members of our customer care department will call you as soon as possible and confirm your order.


3. How do I cancel an order?

- Customers can anytime change their minds about buying a product. LeisFita always keeps that in mind. You can cancel an order by calling our hotline +88018 3294 9969. You can also cancel an order by sending the details to support@leisfita.com. The details section must include the order number.


4. What are the payment processes for pre-booking?

- Keeping in mind that every customer may choose to pay us differently, we tried to make every possible payment method available for our respected customers. Here’s a list of payment processes for you:


1. We can receive a cash payment from your address (Within Dhaka)

2. You can send the amount via BKash on this number 01625720307

3. DBBL Rocket banking is available at 016257203073

4. Checkout through Visa/Mastercard.

5. Checkout through Paypal

6. Direct Bank Deposit


Banking details:

#Bank Name: Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd

Account Name: LeisFita.com

Account Number: 110 - 110 - 25529

Country:  Bangladesh


#Bank Name: First Century Bank

Routing (ABA): 061120084

Account Number: 4015794070887

Account Type: CHECKING

Country: USA


#Bank Name: Barclays

Sort Code: 231486

Account Number: 00025595

For any other information regarding Payment, please call our Finance Department - 01625720307(10 am to 6 pm from Sat to Thurs) or send an email to finance@leisfita.com



1. How do I get a Promotional offer?

- We will request you stay connected with our Facebook page. We will let you know about all of our promotional offers. We will send newsletter about offers if you choose to subscribe it.


2. How to apply Discounts achieved through Vouchers?

- There is no long-term process for applying your discount or voucher number. Just enter the number of your voucher card in the place while checking out.



1. How do I create an account in your online store?

- To create an account please click the link at the upper right corner of our website’s homepage named “Create an account”. Then all you need to do is to help us with your information.


2. How can I change my Shipping Address?

- To change your Shipping Address, please go to my account menu on the bottom of the homepage. There, you’ll have the option of changing your shipping address. And every time you place an order, you will be needed to confirm your Shipping Address. You can change from there too.



Category: Customer Inquiries

Pre Sales Queries

1.   Do you have any showroom or outlet?

- No. We don’t have any showroom or outlet anywhere. We are one of the LARGEST ONLINE JEWELLERY stores in Bangladesh. Our Head office is at the following address:

Floor 5th, 34 Green Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

If you have any business related query, send us an email to corporate@leisfita.com and for any sort of complaints or suggestions, send mail to report@leisfita.com


2. How can I trust you?

- LeisFita.com is registered as a company in Bangladesh & Australia. So we’re bound by the law. Another thing is that doing anything wrong can only harm our reputation as a business. We certainly don’t want that. You can also check the customer reviews on our Facebook page to have a clear insight about our service - https://www.facebook.com/leisfita/reviews/


Product Related

1. How can I find the product link?

- On our Facebook page, with every product, we put the product link in the description section. If you are browsing from mobile, please click on the "see more" button to get the product link. Click on the product link, and it will take you directly to the product page.


2. How can I see the other available colours and designs of the products?

- You can find it on the Details section of the product page.


3. Where can I find the product code?

-Product codes can be found on the product page on our website and on the image on our Facebook page.


4. Can I see the product from different angles?

- Go to the Details section of the product page on our website. You will find images from different angles there.


5. Where can I find the specific material details?

- Please see the product page.


6. If I buy bulk products, will you give me a discount?

- We’re sorry to inform you that we don’t offer any discount on bulk purchases. Rather we offer discounts on different occasions and as part of our promotional activities. Please join us via Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter to know about discounts.


7. Is it a real pearl and/or stone?

- Yes, We provide cultured pearl / Sea Shell Pearl & Semi - Precious Stone.


8. What does cultured pearl means?

- To form a cultured pearl, human intervention is required to assist in starting the pearl-producing process in the mollusc. A piece of mantle tissue or a round bead is inserted into the mollusc and then it starts depositing layers of nacre around the irritant just as a natural pearl begins.


Common Technical Issues

1. I’ve not been able to proceed to checkout, what should I do?

- This might be a technical problem. Please try again after some time. And if the problem remains, call us on 01832949969 to get help placing the order.


2. Why can’t I add the product to my shopping cart?

- There can be various reasons for this issue:

A. Check whether you have logged in to your account.

B. Check if you have selected the colour & size or not.

C. Check if the product is out of stock.  


3. Why can’t I make the payment?

- It’s usually because of the server connection. But if it’s happening all the time, please send us a mail at support@leisfita.com


4. What is your return policy?

We have carefully laid down our return policy in detail for our customers. Please visit

https://leisfita.com/pages/return-refund-policy to know more about it.


5. How can I be assured of the product quality?

- Our customers say it all about us. Go to https://www.facebook.com/leisfita/ to know more.


6. How can you ensure the quality of your reviews? What if they’re fake or paid?

- Well, that’s the real dilemma we’re handling here. So what you can do is check the individual profile of the reviewers. And you’ll get an idea if they’re fake or not.


7. I can see products that don’t ship to Bangladesh. Then why do you have them on your website?

- Due to legal and customs-related issues in Bangladesh, we can’t deliver every product of ours in Bangladesh; even if we want to. And some products are ONLY available for our customers in China.


Length & Layers Related

1.  How can I know if the length of the necklace is right for me?

- It’s pretty simple. Just go to our product page to know the diameter of the necklace. Then take a yarn of that same size and try it to get an idea. Same goes with the bracelets.


2. Can I customize the size and/or Layers of a Necklace / Bracelet?

- Sure you can. You just need to tell us about it. But remember, you’ll be charged extra for that.


After Sales Queries

1. I would like to know how to take care of my pearl pieces of jewellery.

- Follow these rules to keep your pearls pretty:

i. Wear your pearl jewellery regularly to avoid the mother of the pearl layer drying out.

ii. Avoid your pearls coming into contact with cosmetic products, perfume, hairspray, cleaning products or other chemicals.

iii. Do not wear your pearl jewellery while taking a bath or shower or while swimming.

iv. Do not wear your pearl jewellery during activities which will cause perspiring.

v. Always clean your pearls after wearing them.

vi. Store your pearls in a separate jewellery box to avoid scratching by other pieces of jewellery.